Plate To Paddock


We were tasked with creating a campaign to promote awareness of the benefits of recycling food waste under NSW Environmental Protection Authority’s Bin Trim program. Also to increase social media presence for the #platetopaddock movement and awareness on how recycling food waste can improve the environment in a cost neutral way.

Our activity began with campaign strategy planning. This included a review of successful campaigns in the past and setting goals/KPIs in order to develop the right targets, budget and create the right strategic messaging and creatives. We then implemented a targeted advertising campaign through Facebook, Google and email that included split testing, learning and optimising to achieve the best results.

We successfully designed and created a custom-made oversized voting booth to overwhelm and excite staff and associates. As they walked past the booth they cast their vote from the 8 celebrities listed above.

This campaign reached over 10,000 people on the Central Coast and generated over 940 leads in the new CRM.

The following deliverables were provided:

• Promotional strategy
• Creation of Applicant Personas
• Goal setting and planning identifying measures of digital success
• Branding strategy
• Creation of campaign assets
• Mapping out and setting up email nurture workflows
• CRM database structure evaluation
• Implementation of CRM and marketing automation software


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